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About Zhejiang Jinying Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Jinying Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Golden Eagle Co., Ltd. Since its incorporation in September 2000, Golden Eagle Plastic Machinery has always adhered to the path of combining science and technology as the forerunner and scientific and technological progress for technological innovation to combine production, research and development; Adhere to the professional moral education as the center, to build a team of civilized, law-abiding, hardworking, diligent, pragmatic, innovative and strong staff. The company has grown from small to big, weak to strong, and has so far formed the GEK series, GEK/W series, GE.N series, GEK/S series, GEL series, GEKW/GS series, GEK/J series and its supporting injection machines. Special robot GER series and six-joint industrial robot. Injection volume 80-30000g, clamping force from 600-28000KN within the specifications of a variety of models, and constantly open up the market scale and perfect after-sales service to enable users of products throughout the country 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, foreign sales to Southeast Asia , Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and other countries and regions. The company has always been among the top 25 in the overall strength of China's presses industry and the top 15 in injection molding.

The company is located in the beautiful island of the island of China - Zhoushan Islands New Area, Dinghai Golden Eagle Industrial Park. The park is close to the Zhoushan Sea Bridge and the port terminal. The land, sea and air transportation is very convenient. The park covers an area of 26,000 square meters and the building area is 12,000 square meters.

"Jinying" brand injection molding machine from scratch, from weak to strong, the company has always adhered to the principle of people-oriented, constantly tapping and training of outstanding employees, the introduction of advanced equipment and technology, and constantly develop high-grade plastic machinery products, and for the majority of Users provide excellent products and services. Golden Eagle is willing to join hands with old and new friends at home and abroad to create a brilliant future.




At present, the company is stepping up its efforts in the market development of GEK/S servo energy-saving injection molding machines and the R&D investment of GE·D close all-electric injection molding machines, and has signed “energy-saving high-speed injection molding machines” and “energy-saving second board” with Zhejiang University. Injection Molding Machine" Cooperative Development Contract

GEK/S servos have basic characteristics such as high energy-saving, stable forming, high response, and low temperature; GE-D precision all-electric motors not only have the basic characteristics of a servo, but also have high precision, high speed, superior energy-saving, and environmental protection. Such characteristics are the perfect unity of contemporary high-tech and conservation-oriented society."Utilizing high and new technology of universities and research institutes to promote the mass production of GE-D precision all-electric injection molding machines.At the same time, instead of importing quantities, it can save billions of foreign exchange expenditures for the country, and it has a powerful advancing role in industrial upgrading of the entire press industry.