The fiftieth anniversary of the golden eagle business is to put dreams and beliefs in our hearts and light our way.


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In the future, we have identified in textile machinery, textile, garments, plastic machinery, food machinery, continuous innovation, improve and promote the main business at the same time, expand the electric battery in the field of new materials industry blueprint! In the current China's economy faces downward under the macroscopic background of continuously, we meet the challenge of more than ever, despite a difficult task, but both opportunities and challenges, this time, need all golden eagle us good cooperation and more diligent pragmatic. Whether you're at the top, or at work, we're all in the same trenches!

In the golden autumn of 1966, the golden eagle was officially established.

Fifty years is a long and Stoic road to change. We have experienced ups and downs and derision, and we have gained the word of mouth and dignity.

There was little money, only young passion; There is no deep family, only unremitting dream, with simple intention, we walked on the road of entrepreneurship... Like all entrepreneurial people who dream of dreams, we experience the hardships and choices, joys and pleasures of the entrepreneurial process in the passing years.

Along the way, we have the bottom line for and do not, so the heaven rewards. Today, golden eagle has a commanding lead in product market share. The technological discourse is loud; "Craftsman" is always our most essential professional identity! Along the way, our hearts and customers, also not forget to feed, so the help. We insist on customer first, pay more attention to employee development; We advocate win-win cooperation and positive return to society. "Corporate citizenship" is our dedicated role!

 Along the way, we have no distractions and are willing to sacrifice, so phoenix nirvana. Past small workshops, grow to have professional manufacturing linen, wool and spun silk, silk textile machinery and equipment and plastic machinery, food machinery, machinery industry, successfully created a unique domestic textile machinery equipment research and development and textile testing base construction, textile machinery manufacturing and textile technology practice closely, interaction, improve the golden eagle characteristics of synchronous development, formed for the domestic and foreign customers with hemp, wool and spun silk complete sets of mechanical equipment and process technology training all-round supporting services such as the unique professional and technical advantages of collectivized enterprise; Once a small manufacturer, it is known as the leader of the industry;




Golden eagle, written for fifty years.

Golden eagle, written for fifty years.


The golden eagle, like the book, the sweat of the struggle and the joy of success are beautifully illustrated, and 50 years of wind and rain have been cast in between the lines.
Peruse, have suantiankula years experience in the book, there are joys and sorrows of the heart feeling, have...

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